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Lawyers and law students share how they have managed to achieve success in the challenging career journey.

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People Sharing their Stories


Everybody has a story, and every story has a lesson. There is something to be learned from each other's experiences, particularly when your peers have overcome the same obstacles and challenges that you currently face. Listen to people share their personal stories and how they achieved the goals that you hope to achieve. 


We are in a profession where the wise counsel available to us in our career management is critical. Ultimate Law Guide provide this career development advice, and the social learning tools, providing you with access to a unique knowledge network that helps you discover how best to lead the way and achieve success in your own career journey. 

Connectivity: Interact with our Ultimate Lawyer movement, and let's develop into Ultimate Lawyers together.

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Interviews with lawyers about their career success

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Kat Gibson                                            William Reddie                                        Mary Appiah