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Widening access to law

We beat all the odds and successfully achieved our dreams of becoming lawyers at leading law firms. Now that we were able to access the legal profession, we are passionate about assisting others coming up to benefit from the good fortune that we achieved. We are determined to give back and inspire those coming up to navigate their way through the ultra-competitive training contract selection process and forge a career in law. 


We actively encourage talented students from non-privileged backgrounds to pursue careers in the legal profession. We provide one-to-one mentoring and career coaching from qualified solicitors, group development workshops, e-learning via our website and our career guide - Ultimate Guide to Training Contract Success. This helps to equip students with expert careers advice at the all-important early stage of their career, when students need this guidance the most. We also help you to increase your confidence, unlock your talent, raise your aspirations and fulfill your potential.


Bridging the diversity gap

We understand the needs of aspiring lawyers because we have been in their ourselves; we provide you with a clear message - we managed to forge a career in law, this is how we managed to do it, now so can you! Providing you are hardworking, determined and dedicated to achieving your career goals and strive for contnuous learning through deliberate professional development.


We provide practical guidance to ensure you realise a legal career is within your grasp. We draw from our own personal experiences, highlight useful anecdotes and recent case studies of students we have recently guided into forging careers in law. We also help you to gain a better understanding of how to showcase your skills more effectively and improve your employability prospects. 


In order to successfully secure a career in law, it is essential that aspiring lawyers gain work experience which will introduce you to the legal world and offer an insight into the realities of what life is like in legal practice. This will also help you to develop know-how, build networks, and build your self-confidence. Whilst all students should be encouraged to do this, some students from less privileged backgrounds are less likely to have made valuable contacts within the profession, and subsequently lack the know-how required to succeed.